For the Record…

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Did you know…?

🐾 Since April, 2012, we’ve raised nearly $700,000 in the community! That’s HUGE, folks!

🐾 With the commitments from the Townships of Uxbridge and Scugog, there’s about $1.2-million for the construction of a new animal shelter.

🐾 We’re handing over the funds raised to date so the township can get going with the building – there’s no money owed to anyone.

🐾 The new shelter is a municipal building, so the Township of Uxbridge is managing the building project.

🐾 The townships are committed to breaking ground in 2018.

🐾 Building costs originally estimated at about $1-million have risen over the years to around $1.7-million.

🐾 The townships have recently approved additional funding to cover the building costs.

🐾 Three of our longest serving volunteers are stepping down to focus on family, business and other stuff.

🐾 The Board of Directors is as strong as ever and working on next steps (stay tuned)…

You may have seen some news articles with different information.

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